Monday, November 17, 2008

Heaven Has Received a Beautiful Angel

Early Sunday afternoon Marie Therese Rose was received into Heaven. Although she was only with her family for 45 short days, she was loved every minute of those 45 days. Her parents, Mary and Brian, lovingly took care of her around the clock. Knowing their time with her could be cut short, they made sure their sweet daughter knew how much she was loved. They fit so much love into such a short time. Marie's big eyes would look into those of her parents' and she knew how much they loved her. Their devotion to her is a beautiful testament to parenthood. Marie's big sister, Julia, and brother, Matthew are very proud of their sister. They showered her with kisses and hugs and time spent together. Mary and Brian's families have been so supportive and loving to Mary and Brian and their three children. Marie was in the thoughts and prayers of many, some reaching across the globe. For Marie's entire life, here with her family, she was wrapped in a cocoon of love and warmth, begun by her parents and extended by their families and friends. Marie was a blessing, a gift from God.

As Long As I Live, You Will Live
As Long As I Live, You Will Be Remembered
As Long As I Live, You Will Be Loved...
Author unknown